Wood Pellet Cat Litter

Premium Litter Wood Pellets for Cats and Kittens

The Smart range of wood pellet cat litter is made to the highest standard, with premium quality wood based products suitable for older cats or younger kittens alike. All of our product can be offered in different branding ranging from plain packaging to your own branding design. You will find our range of pet products in most of the biggest UK supermarkets and most of the UK wholesalers.

Eco-Friendly Cat Litter

Traditional means of cat litter are not eco-friendly and have been widely dis-regarded by cat owners for many years.

Offering eco-friendly cat litter for cat owners is now an important aspect of keeping up with the current demands of the market.

Taking into account the impact cat litter can have on the environment and the safety of cat litter on the health of our feline friends, eco-friendly cat litter is now a far more desirable option.

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Smart Cat Premium Litter Wood Pellets

Smart Cat Premium Cat Litter is the natural wood pellet solution of cat hygiene. Fresh and natural pine fragrances give outstanding odour control. Smart Cat Litter is manufactured from wood sourced within the UK making it eco–friendly and biodegradable. In line with our company ethos, Smart Cat, just like our other premium animal products, is made with animal health and wellbeing in mind, providing a product that is entirely safe for use. Available in the following sizes, our premium cat litter is also incredibly cost-effective for owners, offering great value for money.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 6L Bags >> 288 bags per pallet
  • 15L Bags >> 120 bags per pallet
  • 30L Bags >> 65 bags per pallet
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Smart Litter Wood Pellets

An alternative and cheaper option for cat owners compared to our Smart Cat cat litter, is our Smart Litter product. Continuing to provide the many great benefits that Smart Cat offers, including being safe for domestic use, and made in the UK, this cat litter is made using wood pellets and is a more economical alternative to our premium product.You will find Smart Litter wood pellets are widely available through major retailers across the UK.

Smart Litter wood pellets are available in the following sizes:

  • 5L Bags >> 340 bags per pallet
  • 10L Bags >> 180 bags per pallet
  • 30L Bags >> 60 bags per pallet
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