Poultry Bedding

Wood Shavings to best suit your operation

Poultry grade wood shavings manufactured in specially designed bio-secure environments. Bulk or baled products available.

Bedding for Chickens

Our smart range of animal bedding includes high-grade, quality bedding for chickens. Made using poultry grade wood shavings, this bedding for chickens is beneficial for the health of the animals as well as providing a safe and warm environment. Plus, the available sizes of our poultry grade shavings, provide a cost-effective option for customers to purchase poultry bedding in large and bulk quantities.

All our animal bedding, including bedding for chickens, is available to buy in our stockists across the UK.

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Poultry Grade Shavings

The Poultry bedding is made from pure wood shavings that have been heat treated to ensure they are free from any disease and pests. The bedding is made to our ISO 9001 quality standards and can be traced back to the original source which is especially important in the poultry industry.

Available in the following sizes: 

  • 10KG Bales >> 70 bales per pallet
  • 20KG Bales >> 48 bales per pallet
  • Bulk Load >> 15– 20 tonne per load
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Wood Shavings 20KG Plain

Available in the following sizes:

  • Plain Shavings >> 48 bales per pallet 20KG
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