Equine Bedding

Small and big flake shavings or pellets

Providing premium animal bedding for the equine world, Smart Horse is a range that has been developed with our ethos of being a trusted and reliable source of animal bedding. Bedding that is highly regarded by equestrians and horse owners. Perfect for ensuring the wellbeing of horses. 

Our equine bedding comes in three different grades, small flake shavings, big flake shavings and in a pellet format. All of the Smart Horse range is made from the highest quality premium soft wood. The range also comes fully dust extracted to ensure that the products are free from dust. The products are palletised and shrink wrapped for easy storage and transportation.

Smart Horse Shavings

Smart Horse dust free shavings offer traditional bedding of the highest quality. Manufactured from kiln dried softwood, which is highly absorbent. Smart Horse wood shavings are free from all chemicals and make it safe for cleaning with allergies or respiratory problems. Smart horse is available in small and large flakes throughout many well known equine suppliers based in the UK.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 20KG Bale >> 48 bales per pallet
  • 20KG Bale Large Flake >> 48 bales per pallet
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Smart Horse Pellets

Smart Horse wood pellets are the smart alternative to straw and wood shavings. Using Smart Horse can substantially reduce mucking out time by simply removing solid material and replenishing with dry pellets, thereby reducing ongoing maintenance and proving to be economical in use. All Smart Horse products are manufactured in the UK by the Bodens Group of Companies.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 15KG Bags >> 65 bags per pallet
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The Importance of Quality Horse Bedding

Quality horse bedding is essential for the health and well-being of horses. It provides a comfortable and hygienic environment for them to rest and recover, and it can also help to prevent a number of health problems.

A clean and hygienic bedding will help to prevent horses from developing skin infections and respiratory problems. Good quality bedding will absorb moisture and urine quickly, and it will also help to reduce the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Quality horse bedding can help to prevent a number of health problems, including thrush, mud fever, and respiratory infections. It can also help to improve hoof health and reduce the risk of injury.

Benefits of the Smart Horse range of bedding

The Smart Horse range of bedding provides a number of benefits for horses and horse owners. Safe from chemicals, the Smart Horse Shavings are ideal for preserving the health of all horses but particularly for those with allergies and respiratory concerns.

Not only do our horse bedding options provide a comfortable and clean environment for horses to lie, the comfort and warmth both the pellets and shavings provide the support they need for their joints and muscles. This is especially true for the cold winter months. Plus, thanks to the large sizes available, our pellets and shavings are especially cost-effective for horse owners, available to buy from a wide range of stockists throughout the UK.

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