Small Pet Bedding

Premium quality wood based pet bedding

The Smart range of pet bedding is produced to the highest standard, deriving from premium quality virgin soft wood. All bales can be offered in own brand packaging as well as the Smart Pet range. You will find our range of pet products in some of the largest supermarkets and wholesalers within the UK.

Eco-friendly Small Pet Bedding

Our small pet bedding is the ideal solution for pet owners looking for an eco-friendly, biodegradable pet bedding, made in the UK. Using high-quality wood wood shavings, this type of pet bedding provides a top quality product that has been through a rigorous dust extraction process to ensure a bedding that is suitable for even the smallest of furry companions.

What’s more the wood shavings are highly absorbent, helping to keep your small animals warm and dry and providing extra comfort for their tiny paws.

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Smart Pet Wood Shavings

Smart Pet small animal bedding is made from premium quality wood shavings sourced within the UK. This top quality product is dust free and provides a good all round bedding suitable for a wide variety of small animals. Smart Pet small animal bedding is widely available through the pet wholesale and retail trade as well as many high street retailers.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 1KG Bale >> 432 units per pallet
  • 4KG Bale >> 20 units per pallet
  • 10KG Bale >> 30 bales per pallet (double stacked) = 60 units

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