Small Pets

Small Pet Bedding – a premium quality wood based product.

The Smart range of pet bedding is produced to the highest standard, deriving from premium quality virgin soft wood. All bales can be offered in own brand packaging as well as the Smart Pet range. You will find our range of pet products in some of the largest supermarkets and wholesalers within the UK.

Biomass Fuel

We produce different grades of Biomass wood fuel to fit the specification of any wood fuel boiler. All of our wood fuel is made to the highest quality to ensure that your boilers run in the most efficient and productive way possible, achieving the highest calorific value possible. We can produce the wood fuel in the form of a chip or a pellet and offer supply throughout the UK and into Europe, through our large logistics network. We can provide the wood fuel pellets in bulk or bagged into tote bags, for easy handling and storage. The wood fuel chip is supplied in bulk via our 50 cubic yard skips or our 120 yard walking floors. If the wood fuel is being supplied into Europe this is usually done on a large scale using large 3,000 ton shipping vessels.

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