Animal Bedding Safety Guide For Small Animals

Small animals like hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and even turtles make particularly good pets, but owning and caring for one is a little different to having a cat or a dog.

You may be wondering exactly what you will need in order to care for your new pet properly so let’s take a look at what type of bedding you will need to consider, and the safety considerations that you will want to take into account.

What do small animals need?
Your small animal will need a cosy cage and plenty of soft bedding. This will provide them with a safe and secure place where they can nest and sleep. The right bedding will keep them warm, absorb waste and also help to keep their cage dry and odour-free.

Setting up your cage
Before you can add your chosen bedding to the cage, you will need to line the base with a substrate. This will soak any toilet incidents and also spills of food and water, helping to keep the cage dry and comfortable. It is important to choose a product that is not dusty as this can cause breathing issues.

Look for something that states It is dust-free or dust-extracted. It should also not have any chemical treatments, including those treatments labelled “natural” as these can also cause health problems. Deodorising chemicals should also be avoided for small animals.

Once you have your substrate in place, you can move to the bedding that will help to make the cage a particularly cosy and inviting place for your small animal.

Wood shavings
These are an inexpensive option when it comes to small animal bedding, but you need to look for a product that is dust-free and kiln-dried. This is because dust and aromatic oils, which can be removed by kiln-drying, can be harmful to small animals. They can cause skin and urinary tract issues in some small animals as well as the respiratory issues we have already mentioned and even gastrointestinal problems.

At Bodens we supply stockists around the UK with our eco-friendly range of small pet bedding. Our Smart Pet wood shavings are an ideal choice for small animal bedding. Offering a dust-free, quality product that ensures your small animals are kept warm, dry and comfortable. Widely available throughout the wholesale and retail market, find out more about our small pet bedding.

Paper based bedding
Paper based bedding that has specifically formulated for small animals can be a great alternative option. Made from recycled cardboard or paper, this is a very affordable option that has little dust and contains no oils. The downside of paper based bedding is that once it gets wet, whether this is because of water or urine, it will have a strong odour. As a result of this, you will need to change paper based bedding on a daily basis in order to prevent the risk of mildew and to keep odours to a minimum.

This is a less common bedding option for small animals and not suited to the likes of rabbits and guinea pigs, who can ingest the dried corn cobs which will result in medical issues. It is similar to paper based bedding in that it should be changed daily to avoid the risk of mould.

Final words…
The key to choosing bedding for any small animal is to check that what you are considering is suitable for the animal in question. If you are in any doubt, as a reputable animal bedding supplier, we will be happy to help you. Simply get in touch with the Bodens team today for more information about our supply of animal bedding.

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