Choosing The Right Bedding For Horses

Horse bedding is one of the many factors that equestrians and stable owners will have to consider in the care of their horses. If you own or help look after horses, you will be aware of the choices available when it comes to choosing bedding for horses. While there are several different options available, all with their own pros and cons, choosing the right bedding for your horse requires some careful thought.

A horse’s welfare and comfort should be an important consideration in the selection of bedding for your stables. Making sure that they are provided with a safe, warm, and dry area to rest but also a bedding type that does not compromise their health. With supporting guidance from the British Horse Society, at the Bodens Group we have put together this guide to help you choose the best equine bedding.

Important factors to consider when buying equine bedding

Some of the main components you should be aware of when buying horse bedding are as follows:

  • Material: Firstly you should be looking for a material that is suitable for your requirements. While there are many different types of horse bedding, some materials offer a far greater quality than others. Popular types of bedding for horses include wood shavings and pellets, or straw. A bedding of good quality must be able to withstand a degree of moisture absorption, whilst also providing an adequate amount of comfort for the horse’s hooves and warmth in winter months.
  • Value for money: Since your horse bedding will require a change at least every week, value for money will be incredibly important to you. Sourcing an equine bedding solution that provides an adequate amount of bedding in a size that offers a fair price per kg, you will be able to maintain a high standard of maintenance within your stable, without breaking the bank.
  • Support for horse health: Types of bedding are certainly better for the welfare and health of your horse than others. For example bedding types that provide low levels of dust are far safer for horses with respiratory problems, also helping to prevent these occurring in the future. While bedding with low-levels of drainage could cause problems for a horse’s respiratory health, due to the increased levels of ammonia in the stable. While comfort, warmth, and value for money are obvious considerations, support for the health of your horse is by far the most important factor.
  • Ability to remove and recycle: Something you may not have considered but is certainly recommended is how your chosen type of bedding can be removed or recycled from the stable. Once soiled or ready to be changed, it is important to remove your old equine bedding in the most efficient manner but also in an environmentally friendly way. While most types of bedding are biodegradable, some are much faster at breaking down than others, which may influence your decision, simply based on the space you have on the yard and amount of horse bedding you will use.

Wood shavings for Horse Bedding

Wood shavings are one of the most popular types of bedding for horses. Offering a great solution for horse owners with horses struggling with respiratory issues. When buying wood shavings for equine bedding, it is important to look for dust-extracted wood shavings that have been carefully processed to reduce and eliminate the harmful dust that could potentially worsen or expose these animals to respiratory health concerns.

Meanwhile, wood shavings are also incredibly supportive for a horse’s hooves, offering a solid yet gentle bedding material. What’s more, unlike types of straw bedding, wood shavings are much easier to muck out and store.

Smart Horse Shavings

The Bodens Group range of Smart Horse Shavings provides a high-quality, dust free bedding option for horses. Made using kiln dried softwood, these wood shavings are highly absorbent, helping to reduce exposure to mould spores, mitigating the risk of skin conditions,  and to maintain a clean environment. Made with the wellbeing of horses in mind, all our animal bedding has been marked safe, free from chemicals and suitable for horses with allergies or respiratory issues.

Available from many of the UK’s largest equine suppliers, you will also find a product that offers value for money. With large 20kg bales available to purchase at a great price.

While Smart Horse is our most popular product for equine bedding, we also supply Smart Horse Pellets, which are a budget-friendly alternative. Offering wood pellets that will significantly reduce mucking out time as well as provide a dry and sturdy material for your horse stable. Our Smart Horse Pellets are available in 15kg bags and can also be purchased across the nation from leading UK equine suppliers.


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