How Cattle Bedding Plays A Role In Beef Quality Assurance

While bedding may seem like a small or insignificant detail in the raising of beef cattle, it does in fact play a key role in the health and wellbeing of the cattle. Subsequently having a direct impact on the quality of the beef produced.

Farmers will be very aware of just how important quality assurance is in the process of sending cattle to slaughter. With the risks associated with various diseases, the quality of the cattle is carefully considered by slaughterhouses, determining the value of the produce.

And while there are many factors that play into the quality of the meat, a small part of the everyday management of cattle, their bedding, must be considered in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of cattle, providing quality assurance for the beef produce.

Cheaper alternatives for straw animal bedding
Despite straw seeming to be the most obvious choice for farmers, its price is rising. Which has seen a growing demand amongst farmers for cheaper alternatives, or better options that offer value for money and a higher quality bedding for their cattle.

As one of the best options for cattle bedding and a cost-effective solution, at Bodens we supply various grades of sawdust animal bedding to suit a variety of livestock productions. Our dairy and beef cattle bedding is appropriate for farmers raising a variety of cattle, ensuring this keeps cattle clean, dry, bedding hygienic and the animals comfortable.

Keeping beef cattle healthy and clean
To ensure cattle will pass the health and wellbeing standards in order to be used for produce, they must be kept clean and healthy. The choice of bedding used for cattle will determine how clean and dry the cattle are kept.

Wood shavings, sawdust, shredded paper, straw offer various levels of absorption to ensure that cattle are kept dry and the spread of disease is avoided. A highly absorbent material will help to prevent cattle from becoming dirty or unhygienic from urine, faeces, and mud from the outside.

When choosing between these materials and finding the best one, farmers should consider the capabilities of the material. From how much maintenance the bedding will need, how absorbent it is, the comfort and protection it will provide the cattle,and the cost of this material. Bulk loads of bedding must also be stored somewhere within the farm or small holding, where this will be stored should be considered and also how long the product will last while in storage.

High-quality cattle bedding for farmers
Made in the UK, our sawdust bedding provides a biodegradable and eco-friendly option for cattle bedding. Sawdust has been a popular option for bedding in the agricultural industry and continues to be so as a great alternative to straw bedding. Our sawdust options in grades 1-3 are available via our UK stockists located around the country, in a variety of bale sizes and bulk loads, ideal for farms and small-holdings of all types and sizes.

For more information about our animal bedding options, get in touch with our team or locate one of our UK stockists.

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