The Complete Guide To Using Wood Pellet Cat Litter

As a non-toxic, biodegradable option for cat litter, wood pellet cat litter is considered one of the best choices for cats. Compared with other types of litter that are usually made from a combination of clay mixed with synthetic materials, wood pellet cat litter is 100% natural and offers cat owners a number of benefits. In this guide, we have provided a complete overview of wood pellet litter for cats, explaining why it is the best choice and how to use it in your home.

What is wood pellet cat litter made from?

Wood pellet cat litter is manufactured using high quality, premium wood products. Going through a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure an all natural wood pellet solution for cat litter. Our Smart Cat Premium Litter Wood Pellets is the ideal choice for a hygienic cat litter that offers high levels of absorbency, and is also biodegradable. According to the RSPCA, wood pellets performed the best in their trials of cat litter.

With fresh and natural pine fragrances these wood pellets also provide an excellent level of odour control for the home. Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for both you and your feline companions.

Our Smart Cat product can be found across the country in pet supply stockists, available in a range of sizes and is great value for money. While our Smart Litter Wood Pellets are a more economical option for those on a budget. Also available in a range of sizes and can be found across the UK.

Regularly cleaning your cat litter

When using wood pellet cat litter for the first time, there are some things you need to bear in mind. For example, wood pellets will expand quite considerably in size when absorbing liquid and moisture, so it is important that you do not overfill your cat’s litter tray. An adequate amount of cat litter will simply cover the base of the tray. There is no need to create piles of cat litter, as this will only create a mess.

Cat litter should be changed once a week, while a quick clean daily will help to keep the litter tray fresh and deter your cat from using the floor as their toilet instead!

When cleaning your litter tray it is important to keep this process simple. Do not use an excessive amount of cleaning products and keep these free from harmful chemicals.

If you are switching your cat litter, for the first time, from a sand based litter to a wood based litter, it is important to help your cat adjust to the change. The texture will feel slightly different on their paws, meaning they may be hesitant to accept this at first. By mixing in your new cat litter over the course of a week while slowly removing the old litter, your cat will manage the transition far better.

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