Why Using The Wrong Animal Bedding Can Be Harmful

Animal bedding is an integral part of the upkeep and care of your animals. Whether you own or care for horses, cattle, pigs, poultry or small pets, your choice of bedding is important for their overall wellbeing. Choosing the wrong bedding could potentially lead to issues both for yourself and for your animals.

Animal bedding hygiene and cleanliness

One of the most important elements of good quality animal bedding is its ability to provide the animals or livestock with a hygienic environment to rest. Bedding that is of a poor quality can post a risk to an animal’s health and wellbeing. For example, low quality bedding that is not able to absorb high levels of moisture can breed harmful bacteria, potentially causing skin conditions or increasing the risk of the spread of disease.

Features of a good quality animal bedding include:

  • High absorbency
  • Low levels of dust
  • Provides an adequate, sturdy layer of bedding to protect hooves etc.
  • Non-slippery
  • Non-abrasive
  • Low in environmental bacteria
  • Chemical-free

By sourcing bedding with the above features you will be able to ensure that your livestock is not exposed to any harmful bacteria or at risk of disease or illness. Whilst providing them a comfortable and safe space to rest that can be easily removed and cleaned.

Dust-extracted animal bedding

Dust-extracted bedding is particularly important as it helps to ensure that the risk of respiratory issues caused by dust is minimised. This is especially the case with animals that may already have respiratory health concerns.

Dust-extracted bedding is put through a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure that dust products are free from dust. Usually this will be made from kiln dried softwood which will be turned into high quality wood shavings, ideal for equine, livestock, and small animal bedding.

Bedding Options for Livestock and Equine

For both livestock and equine bedding, dust free wood shavings are some of the best. Having been popular for many years, this traditional type of animal bedding provides a hygienic and highly absorbent bedding that works to ensure the cleanliness of stables and animal pens, whilst limiting exposure to chemicals and dust. Making this type of bedding safe for animals with allergies or respiratory problems, as well as owners who may also deal with respiratory health concerns. What’s more, dust-extracted bedding is soft and gentle on hooves and limits the risk of skin conditions, which can commonly occur when an abrasive bedding material is used.

At Bodens Group we manufacture a wide range of animal bedding from our UK base. Available to purchase from stockists across the nation, our animal bedding is a high quality, value for money option, available in large quantities for a great price.

Making animal bedding for a wide range of animals including equine, cattle, pigs, small animals, and poultry.

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