The Best Animal Bedding For Small Pets & Animals

Choosing the right bedding for your small animal is important for their health and happiness. Making sure they are comfortable in their environment but also kept clean, healthy and dry. Here are some of the best options for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals:

Absorbent Bedding:

Paper-based bedding: Made from recycled paper or cardboard, this is a soft, absorbent, and dust-free option that’s good for odour control. Look for shredded paper or cardboard bedding that is specifically designed for small animals, as some types of paper can be harmful if ingested. Avoid using newspapers, as the ink can be toxic.

Premium wood shavings bedding: This is a popular choice for many small animals, as it’s absorbent, dust-free, and relatively inexpensive. A highly-absorbent material, wood shavings are ideal for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for small animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. What’s more, the soft texture of the shavings ensures they are kept comfortable and it is gentle on their small paws.

Bodens’ premium quality wood based pet bedding

Our small pet bedding is a great option for small pet owners looking for an eco-friendly and biodegradable pet bedding, made in the UK. Dust-extracted high-quality wood shavings that guarantee a bedding that is not only suitable for your small animals but will ensure their health and wellbeing.

Small animals for which wood shavings is suitable bedding

Wood shaving animal bedding for small animals is suitable for a wide variety of small animals, species and varieties. From dwarf hamsters to mice and guinea pigs, your small animals will benefit from this choice of bedding and will easily adjust, as you make the transition from your typical animal bedding to wood shavings. You will find wood shavings suitable for:

● Rabbits
● Guinea Pigs
● Hamsters
● Rats
● Gerbils
● Chinchillas
● Degus
● Ferrets
● Mice

Buy Smart Pet Wood Shavings in bulk
Our Smart Pet small animal bedding is available to purchase throughout the UK. From a variety of widely accessible stockists, including pet wholesalers and retailers, both trade and highstreet. The small animal bedding can be purchased in a number of bale sizes, as well as in bulk for mass use.

Buy Smart Pet wood shavings in:

● 1kg Bale
● 4kg Bale
● 10kg Bale

For more information about our small pet animal bedding or details of your nearest stockists, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will give you a call back asap.

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